26 April 2008

True Love - Concept

These pages are concepts of my 6 page comic named 'True Love'. There was a POW (Panels of the Week) contest with the subject 'True Love' at the Conceptart.org forum. I could'nt start anything at the moment back then, but I promised my self to work later on it as a small comic study and It's because I like the subject.

The first 3 pages are also the only ones I show to the public. You will see how it ends with the two love birds, then... (and just why is that truck heading at full speed in the middle of a city!?)

11 April 2008

Event anouncement: Stripdagen Arnhem

I'll be attending together withMangafique at the Stripbeurs Arnhem. An event that concentrates mostly on franco/dutch comic creators, attending there signing comics for their loyal fans. Ofcourse, you can buy my Witch Cat comics if you'd like to (please do!). But you can also come along at the Mangafique boot (which is sideways after the entrance!!) to have a chat or even a drawing.

At the moment, I'm in an artistic identity crisis (have no idea how to discribe it, it's not an artist block neither). Let's hope it'll settle down till the 19th of April. I'm looking forward to that day, see you then!