27 January 2008

Some fanart from fighter games.

Again, I'm busy at the moment to improve my drawing abilities. Mostly drawing heads and stuff since I want to get off from the symbol like faces, which are common mostly in unrealistic and cartoony artwork. I suck a the more realistic faces and I draw them automatically, so practice will hopefully make perfect.

I have some fanart this time, from fighting games. Cammy from Super Street Fighter II and A.B.A. from Guilty Gear XX Slash. I think water ink (Ecoline) does suit me well, it's fun working with it. Funny enough I forgot almost Cammy's most remarkable part: her army strips on her legs. They're now digitally added, sneaky sneaky. And I still love cutouts. Still it's digital but I try to manage the traditional feel of it.

Also, I know the website self ain't updated for a while. It might take a while since I want to redo the whole website over again. I only don't have a clue how I'm going to dit it, but please have patience and stay tuned!

11 January 2008

A new year, an exposition and one year older.

Wew, 2007 was for me a fast year that passed by. With 2008, I hope to spend more time on drawing and studying the fundementals more of art. How ever, i'm for the last 6 months working for college at a company which specializes in making mobile phone games. So, I have no idea how much impact this will have at my drawings. Though, it is a creative stage because I'm going to make sprite graphics and what not for the company. I'm very excited about this!!

As from an earlier post, the Mangafique exposition in Utrecht, the Netherlands has started since the 6th of January. At that date, I was there as well selling the Witch Cat issues. Furthermore, there where also other Dutch doujinshi circles/small press groups, selling there books and merchandise as well. In the end of the first day, there where over 1250 visitors coming to see our work from the exposition. There was also a workshop about manga drawing and even how you draw traditional Japanese clothes and weapons.

Yesterday, was my birthday. It comes always very quick after the christmas holidays, new years evening, so sometimes I wished that my birthday was later this year. But in the end I don't mind it, because it's easier to remember for others.

Mangafique Exposition photo's: (will add discription later)

The gallery ally with my work as well from others upstairs
A close up of my work
Making of... a manga page by Nat-chan
The back side of the same ally
Back to the front side of the ally, from the right
My Claire artwork and Tyara's Mage! artwork
Most Dutch doujinshi titles from individuals
Dutch doujinshi from Cheese cake and Open minded
Directions and the mascotte of Mangafique named Indy
The gallery from the first floor
Gallery work from Open minded
Art by Open minded member Eva (Life machine)
Gallery work from Cheese cake
Upstairs view from the first floor
Gathering of cosplayers
Manga workshop
Doujinshi/smallpress selling point from the left side
The mid section where I sold my issues
Other view and Vincit who's kinda posing