24 July 2011

Dodonpachi Daioujou: Type A - Player 1

A ship from Dodonpachi Daioujou, a brutal yet addictive shoot'm up that is probably one of my most favourite games ever. I always wanted to draw mechanical scifi themes, but I always chicken'd out during the progress. I'm happy with this one, even it was a reference study.

22 July 2011

The queen of lust

This illustration of Malissa, the queen of Oparaha took long enough. I wanted to paint without any countours, since I'm relying on that too much. A lot of hard work for me, but I learned a lot from it and there is a lot of room for improvement.
WIP version from this post

17 July 2011

Ruan the sailorman

Finished finally this illustration of Ruan.
WIP version from this post

14 July 2011

Sea life

I just had the urge to draw some sea life. I used pictures from the internet as a reference.

12 July 2011

The waitress revisited (updated)

Waitress: "Here's dessert!"

Claire: "Why thanks!"

I redrew the waitress from Witch Cat #2, because she's so much fun to draw. It was also a good change to try a different CG painting technique. And I'm loving it!

Update 22/07/2011: I reuploaded another version where she's is standing correctly without falling to the left. Thanks to walnut at conceptart.org forums for noticing.

Also check out the backcover from WC#2 from 2007!

10 July 2011

Summer vacation

I have summer vacation at the moment and I'm mostly drawing on my computer. After a long time studying comic design at the art academy, I'm exhausted and it's good to do something of your own and sit back and relax before my 5th semester starts.

The following work in progress pieces will take a while, so here is a screenshot for teasing you!