15 May 2008

A llittle inking practice: Page 3 of WC3

I haven't started again on Witch Cat 3 unfortunatly because of other things that have to be done. I did some pages a couple of months ago and I was thinking how to ink them without hurting the originals. You see, I'm not really fond on inking originals because I always have less confidence for making mistakes so that I have to draw a whole panel or page over and because of the dirtyness and damaged paper of penceling and erasing for 5 times.

So, I came with the idea of scanning the original and hook up my old printer and print the page in blue (Blue does'nt get picked up by the scanner in greyscale). However... that's how I wanted it. My inkcartridge is from some lame 3rd party company that does'nt print high quality and the colour blue seems to be dried up. So I picked grey scale and printed, which give a harsh tone result... I was tired of trying it again and started to ink, it was a practice after all.

Inked mostly with a 'Superball' pen (Pental France) which is a very smooth and dark fineliner and brush pen (Pental Japan). The practice was a pleasement to do and I could try a new technique now I had that pen brush, 'the shiny black hair technique' that is quite common in manga. I think I still have a lot to learn, but as long as the experience is pleasing, I'm happy.