14 July 2009

Comic diary: A sneak preview of the pages #2

So far I have only been drawing pages, pages and pages... I wanted to ink all pages at once when they are all drawn. However, that is just boring. A little bit of something else works better then doing them in stages. I wanted to ink the first five pages and to move on to drawing five pages and repeating that.

Some annoying factors during the progress; my scanner does not really like to listen and scans my pages skewed. I will look in to this matter later, since I got some help from people. Thanks a lot! Second, my new bottles of ink I purchased some while ago give bleeding lines. They are not visible on the page above, but some parts are that are inked with the new ones. I panneled and ballooned with old ink. I just can't understand why it bleeds... (you can only tell the difference when It's scanned, this is a photoshot).

This was the last post before I'm going on holiday! I'm away for about two and a half weeks. When I come back, I'll be working again and update this blog when I can. There are exciting days to come after that as well. I hope I can finish my project before the upcoming madness. Wish me luck and good bye!!

06 July 2009

Comic diary: A sneak preview of the pages #1

Environments... If there is something important to a comic, it's environments. Not only gives it the idea where the story takes place, but it also adds a mood and feeling to describe the surroundings of the action.

Anyway, I am working at the opening shot of a village that Claire's going to enter. But as you might noticed, I have a big time dealing with perspective and vanishing points. Most buildings in the panel have there own VP (vanishing point), so It will give a more chaotic and poor atmosphere. I added extra paper around my panel so that it will show the VP's and I want to get it as believable as possible. It's really tedious work, but it's the end result that counts.

04 July 2009

Comic diary: A balance between light hearted fun and technical perfection

I always wondered what it takes to keep on working for a comic. Untill I was working on one. The first Witch Cat comic went quite fast without trouble, because I was thinking very light hearted about the progress and worked the same way. The second volume was more about thinking and doing the right things in order to get a more professional approach.

Now, with the third volume right now; I want to be so perfect as possible. This can be at times very frustrating and unforgiving, but I will in the end learn so much from it as well. So where do we have to draw the line? I think it's a balance between light hearted fun without being too precise and technical perfection. Archievement in learning and finishing the product will then go hand in hand much better.

As you can read, making something takes a lot from you as a skilled and experienced person. It's not like we're pulling these works straight out of our asses, for saying. It does not only take 'talent' but also hard work and dedication. Thus, respect for all comic creators and other hard creative workers! :)