24 December 2011

Done with 2011

It's almost over...
I experienced 2011 as a strange year. There have been many natural disasters and a lot of political unrest, especially like in the Middle East, the economic recession and many well known people who have meant a lot for others lost their lives this year as well.

But how about myself?
As I look back on last year, the first thing I notice that everything has gone so quickly. Maybe too quickly. I had little happiness and I started to doubt what the hell I still can expect from life. It was nice that I've experimented with comics, but my technical drawing knowledge has barely improved. At least I'm glad that I'm getting better at working under deadlines and coping with stress.

Bottom Line: 2011 was almost hopeless for me and I am also glad it is almost over. On to 2012!

I just need a heroic 'Fuck yeah!' song to start the new year

03 December 2011

Brain Farts #6

A small collection from my sketchbook.

24 October 2011


This is an Halloween illustration featuring Claire. I think it's very appropriate for her.

Halloween is still a week ago, I'd like to wish all the people who are celibrating this horrorish holiday a very frightning evening!

23 October 2011

Illustration preview

Here is a preview from an illustration that I'd like to share with you guys.
I don't think the theme is very hard to guess.

07 October 2011

Character portraits

These are some character portraits that I had in mind for a long time (except for Claire and the Doctor) and needed to be drawn to give my mind some rest.

At the moment I have several ideas for the main story of Witch Cat and I'm thinking and scribbeling characters and scenes that I might use in a future story.

I don't want to tell much about it, since most parts from the story are just 'ideas', but here are some character portraits for those that are interested.

Also found a sketch of Claire and some knight dude from last holiday season.

02 September 2011

I got a new sketch book!

My school started this week and I bought a brand new moleskine to start the new year with! I try to work more in my sketchbooks, since they only get filled up in one school year. Which is not very much If you want to be serious with your art journey.

I picked up my Pentel inking brush again. It's a hard medium to get good results from and it takes a lot of effort and time to master this technique. So yeah, I think it's better by doing at least some ink brush work once in a while then none at all.

These ink drawings are some kind of studies. The main reason is having some fun with a brush ink pen as well, so I tried to be very loose with it. I can't say that non organic brush inking works for me. I have seen other artists making pleasant results without looking to organic. I'm however more the type of guy that likes his non organic stuff done with very tight mediums like fineliners or small pen nibs. Time will tell...

Ah yes, the yet to be named scientist from Witch Cat. I gave this cliched professor not much drawing attention, so it was about time that he gets the attention he deserves. His designs might change in the future or perhaps not. I have a long way to go when it comes to eldery men (and women), they are from time to time more interesting to draw for me then younger people.

24 July 2011

Dodonpachi Daioujou: Type A - Player 1

A ship from Dodonpachi Daioujou, a brutal yet addictive shoot'm up that is probably one of my most favourite games ever. I always wanted to draw mechanical scifi themes, but I always chicken'd out during the progress. I'm happy with this one, even it was a reference study.

22 July 2011

The queen of lust

This illustration of Malissa, the queen of Oparaha took long enough. I wanted to paint without any countours, since I'm relying on that too much. A lot of hard work for me, but I learned a lot from it and there is a lot of room for improvement.
WIP version from this post

17 July 2011

Ruan the sailorman

Finished finally this illustration of Ruan.
WIP version from this post

14 July 2011

Sea life

I just had the urge to draw some sea life. I used pictures from the internet as a reference.

12 July 2011

The waitress revisited (updated)

Waitress: "Here's dessert!"

Claire: "Why thanks!"

I redrew the waitress from Witch Cat #2, because she's so much fun to draw. It was also a good change to try a different CG painting technique. And I'm loving it!

Update 22/07/2011: I reuploaded another version where she's is standing correctly without falling to the left. Thanks to walnut at conceptart.org forums for noticing.

Also check out the backcover from WC#2 from 2007!

10 July 2011

Summer vacation

I have summer vacation at the moment and I'm mostly drawing on my computer. After a long time studying comic design at the art academy, I'm exhausted and it's good to do something of your own and sit back and relax before my 5th semester starts.

The following work in progress pieces will take a while, so here is a screenshot for teasing you!