13 June 2008

Event report: Stripdagen Haarlem

So, how did my last event go? Here is a short discription:
It was a sunny Sunday and the crowd was pretty huge; from diehard comic collectors to your avarage person (you know what I mean, Vincit...). I went there around 11:00 till 16:30 though it started at 10:00. At first I did'nt attract that much visitors, but around 13:00 I finally got some attention and sold a few booklets to people.

There was also a guy that asked me for a drawing. The subject was to draw your own comic character relating to your favourite movie. And thus, Claire in a Darth Vader suit was born. At those moments, you should'nt think about subjects too much, the person does not want to wait for ever. I had a hard time of thinking and getting things done, since I'm having a field of anxiety around me with so many people around me. Luckily he was really happy with the drawing afterwards.

I did not go trough the whole event, because I was in a hurry when I left. It was a nice experience that I should do more often. Hopefully I can get a stand at a Anime Convention cominc in September, untill then!

04 June 2008

Event anouncement: Stripdagen Haarlem

Coming Sunday, the 8th June In Haarlem the Netherlands. I will be there as a dealer selling my booklets and this poster. Probably the whole day if things go well, I'm looking at the weather that is. It's an outside location on a market street. Sounds fun but I don't want to think about rain or storm either. That would be a worse case scenario (next to selling nothing, haha). Check out the website for more info: http://www.stripdagenhaarlem.nl/

02 June 2008

Digital Painting practice

I have been in a rut these days and haven't had my mind really much on making artwork lately. However, yesterday I went parachuting
and I think it was pretty awesome, just realizing it now. The view straight below is quite an odd one, everything looks really 2 dimensional, it's different then when looking outside a plane. Falling through a floor of clouds was also a very cool yet quick experience.

I started to do some digital painting finally. I tried a few times before, but got neverless bored easily. This is just a ballpen doodle that have to be detailed in some areas before starting to paint it. Yes, 'another' Claire. 'Why are you obsessed with her?' I probably hear you thinking. Well, it's a important and beloved character of mine that is starring in my graphic novel series Witch Cat. And since I'm hardly creative these days, it's Claire that pops my mind to draw at least something. I should study more paintings and colours, it's far from perfect, but I have sworn to finish this as a experimental piece.