24 December 2011

Done with 2011

It's almost over...
I experienced 2011 as a strange year. There have been many natural disasters and a lot of political unrest, especially like in the Middle East, the economic recession and many well known people who have meant a lot for others lost their lives this year as well.

But how about myself?
As I look back on last year, the first thing I notice that everything has gone so quickly. Maybe too quickly. I had little happiness and I started to doubt what the hell I still can expect from life. It was nice that I've experimented with comics, but my technical drawing knowledge has barely improved. At least I'm glad that I'm getting better at working under deadlines and coping with stress.

Bottom Line: 2011 was almost hopeless for me and I am also glad it is almost over. On to 2012!

I just need a heroic 'Fuck yeah!' song to start the new year

03 December 2011

Brain Farts #6

A small collection from my sketchbook.