01 October 2007

Stripdagen Houten 2007 - Impressions

Last Saturday, 29th of September I went to the Stripdagen in Houten (The Netherlands), selling my Witch Cat books with a group that has a focus on promoting manga in general, all with their own books from different doujinshi circles/small press groups. This is good, since Japanese comic are not popular at all with the traditional Dutch comic fans, so it's better to bring us together for a oppertunity like this.

It was very cool that I met people who liked my work, I chatted a lot with fellow comic fans and makers and sold more then I expected. There where also enough loyal Witch Cat readers that bought chapter 1 from last year, that also bought chapter 2 and some told me they where curious about the next chapter.

The only downsides were, that the room was very hot when it was most crowded and that I had to ask people again what they just said, it was very loud. And I got bothered by a gigantic headache. All with all, it was a great experience and it gave me more confidence.

More photo's of the Mangafique stand:
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Drawings from me that day:
Potrait with a thin neck
Some character doodles
Tasteful catgirl nudity
Some grumpy guy

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