06 December 2007

Projects, yeah I love it!

With all the deadlines from last month, i did'nt had much time for anything else, except for my home work/school projects. It's sometimes nescesary to make choices to finish what's more important. It's only annoying to read that one of your deadlines is postponed due to lack of others contribution, not that i'm blaming anyone else furthermore, but i'm having trouble dealing with such changes, I would'nt have to work my ass off and relax a bit. Well, shit happens.

One of these projects, is a exposition i'm doing with some others in Utrecht the Netherlands. The exposition is opened in January till February. So if you can visit one of these days, be sure to check out Manga inspired works by Dutch illustrators. The illustration on the left will be shown in A3 format.

Then there is the comic project with the name 'West meets East' and as you can guess, this is also a mangasque project I worked on. I was pretty late with starting this comic, as it counts 7 pages which I made in 3 whole days to get it done for the deadline. It was pretty hard because the illustration had the same deadline as this project. I do hope it gets published, if not, I always got a plan B, or C.

I know that this blog is not updated very much, but i'm only posting stuff I find really important to show and inform. Quality above Quantity and such, right? Note also, that this page has a few grammar mistakes, which are not in the completed version.

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