27 January 2008

Some fanart from fighter games.

Again, I'm busy at the moment to improve my drawing abilities. Mostly drawing heads and stuff since I want to get off from the symbol like faces, which are common mostly in unrealistic and cartoony artwork. I suck a the more realistic faces and I draw them automatically, so practice will hopefully make perfect.

I have some fanart this time, from fighting games. Cammy from Super Street Fighter II and A.B.A. from Guilty Gear XX Slash. I think water ink (Ecoline) does suit me well, it's fun working with it. Funny enough I forgot almost Cammy's most remarkable part: her army strips on her legs. They're now digitally added, sneaky sneaky. And I still love cutouts. Still it's digital but I try to manage the traditional feel of it.

Also, I know the website self ain't updated for a while. It might take a while since I want to redo the whole website over again. I only don't have a clue how I'm going to dit it, but please have patience and stay tuned!

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