14 July 2009

Comic diary: A sneak preview of the pages #2

So far I have only been drawing pages, pages and pages... I wanted to ink all pages at once when they are all drawn. However, that is just boring. A little bit of something else works better then doing them in stages. I wanted to ink the first five pages and to move on to drawing five pages and repeating that.

Some annoying factors during the progress; my scanner does not really like to listen and scans my pages skewed. I will look in to this matter later, since I got some help from people. Thanks a lot! Second, my new bottles of ink I purchased some while ago give bleeding lines. They are not visible on the page above, but some parts are that are inked with the new ones. I panneled and ballooned with old ink. I just can't understand why it bleeds... (you can only tell the difference when It's scanned, this is a photoshot).

This was the last post before I'm going on holiday! I'm away for about two and a half weeks. When I come back, I'll be working again and update this blog when I can. There are exciting days to come after that as well. I hope I can finish my project before the upcoming madness. Wish me luck and good bye!!

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