19 December 2010

Witch Cat sketches!

At last, I have holiday season! Which means I can finally do personal work, want to get back to my Witch Cat project and other things. Here are some work in progresses:

I hope this is the final design for the Evil Queen of Oparaha. Her pose is referenced from a pin up model.

A quick overpaint from the original. I dig the rough shadow casting.
I have a name since the second chapter of Witch Cat for the Evil Queen but I made a mistake in the editing proces. It should be "Malissa" which means honey bee which might have a suggestive link to the saying "The flowers and the bees" which her personality reflects. Also it's a pun on malice which has a connection for being evil and stuff.

I was thinking the other day to make 11 × 16 prints of Witch Cat to sell at conventions. This is one of them, Claire putting on her outfit in the morning. I really liked how the thumbnail came out, but after working more in to it, I'm not satisfied with the results. Will use references from now on, since I'm very rusty. The 'X' parts are obvious anatomical errors, although the whole piece might be completely redone.

The colour pallette should give an early morning impression. Will be redone.

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