02 September 2011

I got a new sketch book!

My school started this week and I bought a brand new moleskine to start the new year with! I try to work more in my sketchbooks, since they only get filled up in one school year. Which is not very much If you want to be serious with your art journey.

I picked up my Pentel inking brush again. It's a hard medium to get good results from and it takes a lot of effort and time to master this technique. So yeah, I think it's better by doing at least some ink brush work once in a while then none at all.

These ink drawings are some kind of studies. The main reason is having some fun with a brush ink pen as well, so I tried to be very loose with it. I can't say that non organic brush inking works for me. I have seen other artists making pleasant results without looking to organic. I'm however more the type of guy that likes his non organic stuff done with very tight mediums like fineliners or small pen nibs. Time will tell...

Ah yes, the yet to be named scientist from Witch Cat. I gave this cliched professor not much drawing attention, so it was about time that he gets the attention he deserves. His designs might change in the future or perhaps not. I have a long way to go when it comes to eldery men (and women), they are from time to time more interesting to draw for me then younger people.

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