26 January 2012

Which medium do you prefer when reading comics?

Since It seems to be impossible for this blog to add a working poll, then I have to do it by writing a blog.

So my question is; "Which medium do you prefer when reading comics?"

- normal sized book: the format of American comics or the larger French BD,
- pocket sized book: the format of Japanese manga,
- computer monitor: a 4:3 or 16:9 screen size,
- smartphone: Iphone, Android, etc.,
- tablet: iPad, Samsung galaxy, etc.

I'm a traditional comic book reader and I prefer to read in a pocket sized book, altough I prefer a normal sized book as well. The good thing of pockets is that they are small of size and thus you can carry them more easily with you when you are on a trip. It's also good for reading, giving your eye a main focus on reading the page as a whole at once and you don't read too long on one page.

I do read often on a computer monitor, however I can't take it for too long and it's not only for my eyes that are starting to get tired, but also my brain. It's just not as relaxing from reading a book because of the light from monitors. However, If you have a huge library of books and no space, storing them digitally is a good investment in the long run. You only need enough hard disk space and be sure to make a backup.

I have no experience with smartphones or tablets and I'm eager to test reading comics with these handhelds. I'm very interested to hear opinions of readers that prefer a smartphone or tablet to the above.

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