13 June 2008

Event report: Stripdagen Haarlem

So, how did my last event go? Here is a short discription:
It was a sunny Sunday and the crowd was pretty huge; from diehard comic collectors to your avarage person (you know what I mean, Vincit...). I went there around 11:00 till 16:30 though it started at 10:00. At first I did'nt attract that much visitors, but around 13:00 I finally got some attention and sold a few booklets to people.

There was also a guy that asked me for a drawing. The subject was to draw your own comic character relating to your favourite movie. And thus, Claire in a Darth Vader suit was born. At those moments, you should'nt think about subjects too much, the person does not want to wait for ever. I had a hard time of thinking and getting things done, since I'm having a field of anxiety around me with so many people around me. Luckily he was really happy with the drawing afterwards.

I did not go trough the whole event, because I was in a hurry when I left. It was a nice experience that I should do more often. Hopefully I can get a stand at a Anime Convention cominc in September, untill then!

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