01 June 2009

Comic diary: Thumbnails and concepts for the front cover

Alright, so I guess this is the first official post for my comic diary I mentioned in the last post. I have done a few thumbnails and colour them to get a good impression how I want my front cover. The first two front covers from Witch Cat, didn't get that treatment only one concept and that's that. Just too little info to work on and from what you get in the end.

I always choose one main colour for a volume so it differentiates from the other volumes. I'm also thinking about mood and what the colour stands for. A new character is introduced which is a fertility priestess and fertility is most of the time used with green or light brown.

The front cover will have this time a group of at least two persons that should draw attention as well tell a bit about them in it's current volume of that book. Enough rambling, here are some pictures: (note that this is the cover of volume 3, Chapter 2 thing is a place holder)

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