30 June 2009

Comic diary: Work in progress of the cover #3

I have finished the two portraits of the ladies for the cover! Only Ruan is left to do...

Anyway, these portraits were quite annoying to get right in the way I wanted. And most annoying part is... That you won't see most of it in the cover when Ruan is showing in front of them both... Well It's not too bad, since I'll show these in my gallery in the future as portrait artwork and you can see them right here ofcourse!

I've started working on some pages. I still need a lot of reference and reworking some environments... I'm quite excited though, I have a very strict deadline actually that I don't want to screw up and I'm working for the first time with A3 size paper for a small press/doujinshi. So I hope I won't bump into hiccups during the progress...

Wish me luck (and work hard)!

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